The Best Vegan Travel Spot EVER

Okay, so when you think of the best place in the U.S to go to as a vegan what comes to your head? CALI right?! Living on the east coast we are in 2017 with the vegan food while they’re in 3048. Seriously, they have vegan drive throughs! Connecticut PLEASE get with the program. So, we did our research and decided that San Diego, California was the place to be. When we saw “Top 15 vegan restaurants in San Diego” pop up in our search bar we KNEW this was going to be extremely worth it. Our heads were spinning since Connecticut only has MAYBE 8 vegan restaurants statewide. We can’t even imagine… it’s gonna be like… vegan heaven.


Okay yeah.. Flights are usually expensive to San Diego especially when traveling coast to coast. Fortunately, we got out round trip tickets for a whopping $221.00 USD! (cue the jaw drop). Want to know our secret? SKYSCANNER! Wow this baby saved us a LOT of money. Since our schedules are flexible, we were able to take virtually any flight. What we love about this flight finder is that you are able to put “cheapest month” into the dates instead of having to play around with different dates/times. We looked into going in August and found that the cheapest time to go was in October (NYC to SAN). As for luggage goes, we are only doing carry-ons because we are minimalists (and no extra cost to us). All we need for this trip is a good pair of jeans and our appetite!


After extensively looking into hotels we decided that an airBnB would be more our style. We wanted a place to lounge and really experience the San Diego lifestyle. We opted out of staying at a hotel with extra amenities because we want to bike and walk to nearby hotspots.
We found the cutest little cottage for $57.00 USD a night! The place that we will be staying is right near shops, pubs, breweries, grocery stores and more! We are excited about our place, watch out for blog posts about our stay!


1. Kindred: Apparently this is a newer addition to the vegan restaurants. We gotta say, their website was totally awesome and the menu looks amazing! Some things we want to try are:
  • Skewers: Chargrilled Seitan, Chimichurri, Harissa, Horseradish Aioli ($9)
  • Memphis BBQ Jackfruit: Pulled Soy Curls, Green Chili Aioli, Pickle, Onion, Dijon Mustard, Sourdough, Potato Chips ($11)
  • Beer Batter Palm Tacos: Seaweed Salad, Chile De Àrbol Crema, Jicama Salsa, Corn Tortillas, Grilled Corn, Cilantro Butter ($12)
Their prices seem fair and the food looks delicious! We are big fans on eating local and their ingredients look fresh!
  1. Plant Power Fast Food: Okay this is a MUST. Vegan food on the go?! Sign us up. Here’s some things that we want to check out
  • The Wake & ‘Bacon’ : Juicy ‘bacon’ strips, American ‘cheese’, secret sauce, lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles ($7.95)
  • The Buffalo ’66 Sandwich: Crispy battered buffalo ‘chicken’ breast, ‘ranch’ dressing, lettuce and tomato ($7.95)
  • Breakfast Burrito | GFO: Tofu ‘egg’ scramble, provolone ‘cheese’, ‘sausage’, potato hash, chipotle ‘aioli’, salsa and spinach in a whole wheat tortilla ($7.95)
  1. The Veggie Grill: This place is a chain of vegan goodness! They serve tex-mex style dishes including:
  • Rustic Farm Bowl: farro, grilled mushrooms, roasted yams, braised cannellini beans, broccoli pesto, roasted tomatoes, red pepper sauce
  • Mondo Nachos: Corn chips, nacho chickin', queso chorizo sauce, black beans, tomatoes, green onions, mashed avocado, jalapeños, crema
  • ‘Crab’ Cake: Crispy 'Crab' cake, spiced tartar sauce, pickles, tomato, lettuce, red onion, sesame seed bun.
  1. Native Foods Cafe: This place has a plant-based take on comfort foods. Their menu made us soooo hungry just looking at it! We hope to try these:
  • Native Chicken Wings: Native chicken wings made just the way you like ‘em: crispy or grilled, naked or with your choice of sauce (Buffalo or Thai chili cilantro). Served with a side of creamy ranch. (Small 599 Regular 799)
  • Native Scorpion Burger: Blackened tempeh, chipotle sauce, romaine, carrots, red onions and avocado. Served on a whole wheat bun. (979 • Add Cashew Cheese .99)
  • Bistro Steak Sandwich: Our Native Seitan Steak, thinly sliced and seared, and topped with house made tofu bleu cheese, oven roasted tomatoes, crispy shallots and arugula on a toasted baguette. Comes with a free choice of one 199 side. (1050)
  1.  Cafe Gratitude: It looks SO cute. This menu is long with so many options it's literally insane! We cannot wait to indulge. Here are a few things that we think deserve a taste:
  • Brilliant / Coconut Ceviche: summer squash, roasted tomatillo sauce, coconut bacon, avocado, tortilla chips ($13)
  • Evolved / Bibimbap Bowl: crispy brown rice, kim chee, oyster mushroom bulgogi, daikon, sea palm, cucumber, chickpea egg, housemade bibimbap sauce ($16)
  • Fabulous / Raw Mexican Lasagna: heirloom tomato, squash noodles, cilantro pumpkin seed pesto, sweet corn, cashew queso fresco, cacao mole ($16.50)
Be sure to check back this week to see what restaurants and food we tried! We are SUPER ambitious and hope to try them all! Also, we will write about each individual spot in FULL detail so you guys can get the full experience!


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