How We Found Our Balance

Yoga is a fairly new habit of ours! We both started yoga regularly, at a local place, because we bought a Groupon for it. We attended the first class (some basic flow yoga) and loved the teacher and the concept. As we leaned the poses and flows we began to take our yoga practice out of the local studio.
I, Libby, began incorporating a 30 minute yoga sequence to the beginning of my workouts. When I arrive at the gym I do a simple flow to warm up my body and get nice and stretched out and then get into weight training for 45 minutes or so.

I, Skye, started waking up each morning and doing a daily stretch. This really helped me to wake up my body and get ready to tackle the day. My morning flow is very slow and concentrated and focuses on breathing.

We really have seen some awesome benefits of doing yoga. It really helps us get centered with ourselves, getting our mind, body and soul all aligned. We feel refreshed and relieved after flowing through a sequence. To be honest, you can really feel your body release the stress and tightness - and it feel oh so good!
We try and take our mats with us wherever we go. Never know when you'll need it! We have found a lot of joy in doing partner yoga, as we can correct each other's form and assist one another with more difficult poses. We have found YouTube to be a lot of help with learning new flows and sequences.




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