Vegan at Olive Garden

When you think of Italian restaurants you think of cheese covered EVERYTHING and perhaps even prosciutto paintings on the walls! But what you probably did not know is that eating vegan at the Olive Garden chain is easier than it seems…

Two huge perks about the vegan food at Olive Garden:
  1. THE BREADSTICKS ARE VEGAN (oil, garlic salt and other soy based seasonings)
  2. YES - you can have the unlimited and renowned SOUP, SALAD, BREADSTICKS
Below is exactly what we ordered when we decided to get some grub here last week:
  1. Soup, Salad, Bread sticks unlimited special
  • Ask for the salad with NO DRESSING and NO CROUTONS (ask for oil and vinegar on the side) and no cheese at all
  • Order the minestrone soup, and just to be sure - ask for no cheese at all
  1.  Spaghetti with marinara sauce - no cheese (pictured above)
Eat up as much salad and bread sticks as your heart desires - absolutely delicious!
Other pastas available that are vegan: capellini, cavatappi, fettuccine, gluten-free rotini, rigatoni, spaghetti, tri-colored vegetable penne, whole-wheat linguine and ziti
*The only soup that is vegan is the minestrone… but no worries it is SO yummy and full of beans and veggies
*The only sauce that is vegan is the marinara


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